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The evaporative coolers we provide offer portability and are a practical alternative for smaller spaces that have no windows or naturally vented areas. Training. Trust HSS for a range of heavy duty 3 phase accessories, suitable for any work or site application. The datalogger can be set to record continuous or on events or triggers. Whether you are cutting pipes, steel, iron or a variety of different metals, HSS will be sure to stock the correct cutting tool for your requirements. Durante la prueba, puede hacer clic en el botón Revisar pregunta para marcar la pregunta en amarillo como un recordatorio visual para volver a visitar la pregunta antes de enviar las respuestas de la prueba. Evaporative coolers use water to reduce air temperature and are ideally suited for non-vented enviroments. Still unsure about what you need, then either chat online to one of our helpful technicians now, or give your local HSS Hire shop a call. - OSHA 1910.180 (h) (3) (v). This state-of the-art technology has been designed to be extremely durable on the job, meaning accuracy is never compromised by tough site conditions. Designed to enable quick and accurate bends for copper or steel piping, these threading tools can be customised to a number of different settings, depending on your pipe threading requirements. We start with a Crosby™ shackle G2130 (1 to 25te) or G2140 (40 to 400te) and manufacture a custom stainless steel load pin load cell to fit the shackle. Safety lift with Lifting Gear UK. For interior renovation work, try our medium duty breaker which features a single impact energy of 11.5J, with a weight of only 7.9kg and is built for comfort. We've test weights suitable for a range of applications on site, our range of shackles available to hire will also aid any weight testing you need to perform. It couldn't be simpler to hire any of our Welding Generators. If you are unsure or require more information regarding our pipe cutting range then speak to one of our online technicians now, or give us a quick call. High quality 'D' and Bow shackles designed to provide safe tackle, load and anchor connections. For larger open spaces, a cooling fan may be more suited to your requirements. NATIONWIDE DELIVERIES . For added safety and ease of use, why not consider hiring electrical accessories from HSS. If you are unsure of suitability factors then chat to one of our online experts now. The confined space kits available are available for a range of domestic or industrial usage. Portable Data Logging Panel Read More. No matter what the project you'll find an excavator here suitable. HSS Hire have the solution - a Portable Wood Chipper that is small, but tough enough to cut through branches of up to 50mm thick. We've a great range of chipping hammers, an we can provide an array of suitable add-on options too, to ensure you complete your chipping work quickly and efficiently. As well as a variety of winches for hire, we've snatch blocks, various sizes of cable and strengths, along with leg chain slings, which are all available to hire today. When planning concreting work, a comprehensive range of cutting and compaction tools are essential for establishing solid work foundations. No matter what the requirement you have for low level access, we've a platform that will fulfil your requirements. Then consider the Flexitrace system which is sturdy and easy to use. Wired load cell shackle available from stock in capacities 3.25t thru 120t and available up to 1550 the SLB is manufactured from Crosby’s industry leading 2130 Carbon and 2140 Alloy Bolt Type Anchor Shackles (3.25te – 120te) and the GN H10 Alloy Bolt Type Anchor Shackle (120te on up). Search for: MENU MENU. This latest product offering from JCM Load Monitoring has been developed from the experience built up over many years in remote load monitoring and it is ideally suited for harsh environments. With easy to use controls, stable scrubbing motion and power assisted cleaning, these floor scrubbers will ensure a great clean, with minimal effort and time required from the user. HSS offers a complete range of site storage solutions for a variety of work requirements, meaning your equipment is safely stored for later use. Whether it's an in or outdoor project you'll find a platform or access tower to suit your needs. We are always more than happy to help. The Port Bonython hire project served as an exemplar of DRH’s strict policy to verify all force measurement, load monitoring and suspended weighing load cell equipment upon its return from site, before redistribution to other projects. It's portable and easily transportable offering the perfect solution to pipe bending requirements. Powerful and efficient without being cumbersome you’ll find our remote lighting towers are more than efficient for any onsite work. If you'd like more information about winching, or any other related please give us a call or speak with one of our online technicians now! Ideal for onshore and offshore applications, Scotload's RLMs are proven to perform in the most extreme environments. Load shackles. Make light work of an untidy garden with the HSS' range of garden clearance equipment. Angle Lifting - Use at any angle for lifting, pulling or dragging. SWL 2000kg. Obvioulsy, we take our hire seriously and understand fully to requirements of our clients. Once the sheet is held securely, the shackle can be released safely . We've folding engine cranes, spider cranes along with digital load indicators and glass installation cranes. You are more than welcome to pick up any of our products from your local HSS Hire shop. Whether they're needed indoor or outdoor, we have a selection of lights for hire that'll suit your needs. Home › Shackles › Bow Shackles. Load Monitoring Equipment Hire DLM house a range of Load Cells, Load Monitoring and Cable Working hire equipment, all of which are available for hire immediately and at competitive prices. Don't forget we also offer training courses through HSS Training. HIRE ENQUIRIES (03) 8360 8910 Facebook; Youtube; About . We have more than 1,500 lifting, rigging and height safety products to choose from. Need to spray paint on a range of surfaces? DRH used a steel test weight and a 3.5t capacity Mitsubishi lift truck to inspect the 25t Wireless Loadshackle. Looking to secure a new a skirting board, or fix that new piece of furniture together? Spray extraction cleaners leave carpets and upholstery almost completely dry, while our heavy duty rotary cleaners clean in a single pass and are perfect for larger areas, such as hotels and schools. View details of the PASMA courses by clicking the link. You are also most welcome to pop into one of our shops to pick up your confined space kit too. Sub Sea Load Shackle. Product Hire. HIRE ENQUIRIES (03) 8360 8910 Facebook; Youtube; About . Use our portable dust extraction system and dust partition to help minimise the health risks associated with working in dusty environments. If you require Ladder training, visit for our Ladder course, created in conjunction with The Ladder Association, from just £150 per person per day. Use at any angle for lifting, pulling or dragging. Suerte en el test. LOAD-MASTER LITE and LOAD-MASTER LM wireless load links are available for hire with load ratings (Working Load Limit) from 2tonne to 100tonne. RR-S. MARINE LOAD SHACKLE. They range from infra-red and longwave heating to industrial 3-phase blowers and electric fan heaters. For rapid pipe cutting, the HSS range of cutting tools will allow you to quickly cut piping to size with minimum effort. Unsure if this is the machine for you? Hire all sizes from your local branch. Then have a chat to one of our online technicians now, we are always willing to help. HSS has a variety of different ladders for a variety of different jobs. The Port Bonython hire project served as an exemplar of DRH’s strict policy to verify all force measurement, load monitoring and suspended weighing load cell equipment upon its return from site, before redistribution to other projects. Need to pressure or power wash the patio or driveway at home? Our range of air conditioners are more than suitable for the home, office or industrial setting. Gauntlets, PVC, cotton or rigger gloves are required with this item for hand protection. We offer safe and secure packaging options to ensure the safe transportation of your goods. Chain Tension Load Monitoring. For remote locations, consider our mobile generator powered lighting equipment. Need more information? Hire today using this website or give your local HSS shop a call. Indirect heaters pump large volumes of warm, clean, dry air into a space without raising the relative humidity of the room, making them ideal for drying buildings during construction or after flooding. Our hire fleet is not only limited to what is on the shelves, we can supply bespoke hire systems to assist in your load monitoring application backed up by our in house design team. Our selection of trestles and steps, along with multi-mode ladders are available for hire today. Hiring from HSS couldn't be easier, use our website now to book out or arrange for a delivery for any of the saws available from this page. Effective surface preparation is crucial for a variety of work tasks, which is why HSS offer a comprehensive range of tools and equipment to suit your needs. Read More. When installing steel, copper or conduit, this range of tools allows for quick installation without an over reliance on cutting or the use of fittings. Suitable for a wide variety of lifting, tension testing, proof loading and overhead weighing applications. We are always happy to help. We can deliver these to your excavation site, or location where the digging work is being carried out. Need a lift? High quality 'D' and Bow shackles designed to provide safe tackle, load and anchor connections. We are always happy to help. For versatility and functionality, the HSS selection of drills cannot be beaten. Personal protection equipment helps protect you and reduces the chance of you contracting COVID-19. A wide range of Shackles products for sale and hire. Screw pin shackles are used mainly for non-permanent applications. If you are looking for high pressure steam cleaning equipment, the HSS range of steam cleaners are ideal for dealing with stubborn or aged dirt and grease. If you are not sure as to what product is best for your project, then speak to one of our online technicians now or give us a call. Join lifting equipment with a �D� shackle. Then speak to one of our online specialists or give us a call, we are more than happy to help. Share this. We're always happy to help. Suitable for a wide variety of lifting, tension testing, proof loading and overhead weighing applications. Roadworks equipment is available for you to collect or we are able to deliver to your site, no matter what the product. We've manual single fall hoists, glass suction grips along with rope slings and powered hoists, all available for hire. Platform steps, roof ladders and more, ideal for accessing various working heights. Simply order online or call and we'll arrange the rest. We're based in the South of England and have been manufacturing and supplying load cells and load cell equipment from the same site in Reading for more than 20 years. There is no on/off switch on the load shackle as this function is carried out on the ALRS. We've also the mini version which is ideal for use in awkward locations. Small or large, look no further. HSS offer an extended range of quality spray systems suitable for a variety of metal, wood, stone and wallpapered surfaces. This Shackle is the perfect lifting device designed to take the hard work out of hoisting and lowering heavy loads with a max load of 2000kg. High dust levels can cause harmful diseases as well as causing issues with visibility. Arrange a date online for delivery or book it out and come to your local HSS shop to pick up. We've an array of radiant heaters; from longwave to commercial infrared heaters take your pick or get in touch if you'd like more information in regards to the many benefits of hiring a radiant heater. The cordless power drills we offer for hire come with the latest innovations and are fully checked before reaching you through our hire services. The upright floor sander makes short work of large spaces with an 8 inch wide sanding drum, while our floor edging sander is perfect for getting right up to the skirting board for full coverage of a floor. Safety lift with Lifting Gear UK. Whilst we work to ensure that product information on our website is correct and up to date, on occasion we may supply a similar product by another manufacturer. We've a variety of cordless saws, suitable for a variety of jobs. We are always more than happy to help. Our range of Electric and Diesel Scissor lifts range from a working height of 7.8m right upto 34m plus and are suited to a variety of indoor and outdoor terrain applications. Within any working environment, a compliant level of fire safety equipment is essential. If you are looking to erect a fence or clear a garden area, then the HSS' range of clearance and fencing equipment will be ideal for the task. ... Join lifting equipment with a D shackle. If you need something larger, we offer heavy duty pumps up to 8" in size. (Wattage of an item can normally be found on the rear of the item(s) or on a label close to the socket. Our range of garden clearance tools will suit both domestic and public gardens. - ASME B30.26-1.9.2 (c)General worksite regulations require "No hoisting, lowering, swinging, or traveling shall be done while anyone is on the load or hook." From the DIY'er to the specialist craftsman, our broad range of woodworking tools will help you achieve the finish you require. Protect sharp edges to prevent load damage. Slinging is facilitated by the greater inside width of the bow shackles. Shackles are used in lifting and static systems as removable links to connect (steel) wire rope, chain, and other fittings. Loadcells - Loadcell Supplies, Weighing Scales & Calibration Services Perth Western Australia Sling Lifting - Do not use "load" cable/chain as sling. It couldn't be simpler to get your hands on one of our cordless drills. Prevent hook overcrowding, with a �bow� shackle. Whether it is heavy duty work with our site dumpers, essential maintenance work with our common site tools or waste clearance with our skip hire possibilities, HSS will be sure to have what you need. We've also a good range of machine moving skates as well as manual shifting skates. Medieartikler Produkter | Services. This limit is relevant to lifting applications and not for the forces relevant in a trailer safety chain application, where the relevant rating is actually what is called the minimum breaking strength. For the safe and effective transport of various items, view our selection of material hoists. Whether you need a heavy duty tip up concrete mixer, rotating stand mixer, small or larger tip-up cement mixer, the HSS concrete and cement mixers will be sure to match your requirements. The capacity of the shackle must equal or exceed the capacity of the other rigging equipment used. You can read tips and advice that might help if you’ve suffered any flood damage in our useful guide to Flood Recovery, Drying and Restoration on the HSS blog. If you require more details regarding the equipment we have for hire then why not speak to one of our online experts now, or give us a call. We've a great range of material lifting equipment; we've specialist panel lifts, genie lifts and genie lift accessories too. Order now or contact one of our online experts for more information. We've shops across the UK that you can pick up one of our air compressors from. A wide range of Shackles products for sale and hire. If you need more information about the range of timber cutting equipment we provide why not chat to one of online experts now, or give us a call. For metal cutting work, look no further than HSS for all of your tool requirements. We have a range of security fences, barriers and temporary fencing available for you to hire. To power your onsite welding work, the HSS welder generators provide a reliable and safe power source. For use in both the home DIY environment or for large scale industrial applications, be sure to trust the timber cutting range from HSS. Shackles are used as a connecting point between rigging and machinery. And if you're splitting or cutting blocks with precision, then our saw benches and block splitters will cut clearly. And, if you are thinking about a larger clean out, then consider our waste handling services or skip hire to clear out excess waste. Attach "tag" lines to control rotation. We also have a large stock of safety bow shackles, which are supplied with a LOLER certificate, so you can hire the load cell and suitable shackles from one source. Get a read on hard to reach areas with our professional inspection and measuring equipment. Note: Capacities listed are for vertical lifting only. Don't forget we also offer training courses through HSS Training. A cordless drill comes with the freedom to drill around any outside area or construction site. Alternatively, we are able to deliver to your site, home or outside area where the compressor may be required. We've a range of concreting equipment ready for hire now. Dee shackles are most commonly used on single leg slings and bow shackles are most commonly used on multiple leg slings. We are the strongest link in your lifting chain. Minimum shackle Working Load Limit (WLL) (kg) Minimum size of shackles (Body diameter, not pin size) ... Of course if you are interested in hiring a camper trailer or caravan we at Make Trax Adventure Hire ensure that our rigs are legal and you remain informed on what you need to know. For a selection of roofing and support related needs, HSS will provide the equipment to help complete the task. If you're looking to remove floor tiles we have the right tools for the job, including floor tile strippers and removers to break and lift tiles easily. Stable Load - Ensure load is balanced & personnel stand clear. If you need a lift delivering or one of our many jacks, or cylinders, to your work place, home or site then we are more than capable of sufficing your need, or if you prefer you are most welcome to pick-up from one of our many shops. Our range of cranes for hire are available in a variety of sizes, each with a unique stand-alone style to ensure functionality for any lifting requirement. Ideal for essential maintenance and repair work our trestles, staging and steps range offer bespoke and safe solutions. Take the guesswork out of load measuring with Coates Hire's high-tech, heavy duty load cells. If you are unsure then why not speak to one of our trained specialists online now? Recover from flooding with our range of flood recovery kits; we’ve all you need to get your property back on track. Our range of cordless saws with advanced battery technology allows you to work for longer in places away from a power source, at a variety of applications. We hire chainsaws, long reach pruners and hedge trimmers, plus much, much more. For clean, bright illumination the HSS selection of EEx Safety Lighting is an ideal choice for a variety of work applications. We've a vast range of core drill bits available for hire. They are simple to connect using a screw operation. If your workspace is suffering from damp, or you need to remove moisture from the air, the HSS range of dryers and dehumidifiers is ideal for the task. We've a great range of clearance and fence erecting equipment all available for hire today! Load Shackle Hire - Alloy Bow Shackles available online from Bishop with huge range other Hire Equipment. All equipment is regularly serviced and maintained by DLM Hire Engineers ensuring high performance and client satisfaction. Or alternatively have lots of grime encrusted site equipment or vehicles to clean at work? Our portable mobile lighting towers are perfect to light up any remote area, suitable to any site. Shackles are one of the most versatile and important pieces of equipment in nearly every rigging, lifting, and material handling operation. D and Bow Shackles provide safe load and anchor connections to suit a whole range of lifting demands. Load shackles for sale or hire We have a large range of shackles available in stock up to 1000 tonnes for purchase or hire, and ready for immediate dispatch. For inspecting pipework, be sure to use our digital pipeline camera which comes with a TFT-LCD monitor, to aid the inspection process. Always happy to help! 0.33 – 55 Tons Green Pin Bow Shackle with screw collar pin, 12 – 85 Tons Green Pin Bow Green Pin® Shackle with safety bolt, 120 – 500 Tons Green Pin Bow Alloy  Green Pin® Shackle with safety bolt, 1/3 – 35 Tons Crosby Screw &Round Pin Specifications, 35 – 55 Ton Crosby Bolt – Type Shackles Specifications, 40 – 300 Ton  Crosby Bolt – Type Alloy Anchor Shackles Specifications, 18 – 400 Ton Crosby Wide Body Shackles Specifications. Whether it is an RCD power breaker for your power tools, a portable appliance tester or a surge protector for your electrical equipment, you can help to avoid any potentially hazardous situations with these handy accessories. The wireless ALRS, which stands for Advanced Load Radio System, has many operating features including 4 units of measurement, 6 digit display and peak hold. Replacement load pin kits come with a load pin to connect the shackle to your chain and two retaining pins to keep the load pin in place. Wireless Load Shackles Our answer to measurement of tensile load in heavy industry. If you are unsure as to whether you'll need a standard or narrow lift, or have a complex task to undertake then why not speak to one of our online experts now? Anchor to a secure point able to take load force applied. If you are not too sure about which chipping hammer is right for the job, then speak to one of our online technicians now. If you're unsure which generator is best for you, our branch staff are happy to assist you. For light, medium or heavy duty work, where an electrical supply is not suitable or available, our range of Air Breakers will get the job done. Hiring any of our locator equipment couldn't be easier, you can book online now or give us a call and arrange a delivery or pop in to your local HSS shop. Radiant heaters emit advanced infrared heat which is localised and very intense. We are able to deliver to your place of work or if you so desire you are more than welcome to collect your generator from one of our shops. Dee shackles are most commonly used on single leg slings and bow shackles are most commonly used on multiple leg slings. Great prices! LED or 'digital' lighting provides a huge range of benefits and signifies a big leap in technology. Can even supply dust extractors to make your environment safe outputs along with fall arresters and connections! To stock the tools featured in our 55t, 85t and 250t range unsure then why not speak to of. Either book one out now using the website or give us a quick solution! Service, or heavy duty load cells can be bulky and awkward to so. Of furniture together and work with your pipework with ease using our selection of machines. Tension hire load cells are designed to be used for lifting single trench sheets into position, we out... This the market leading wireless load shackles are ideal for drilling through concrete and masonry in tension! And include everything you need, then our electric and petrol driven compressors requiring precision measurements services alongside national... Complete your job sure to view the HSS ' range of tools for wall sanding preparation. Environment and alert others to your site, or as a connecting point between rigging and machinery and Thermometers! Use these core drilling accessories with the combined wattage of all the items the generator will be supplying power.! Full calibration and proof load certificates also locate and deliver ready mixed too. Got you covered tar furnace and bucket, be sure to use in congested areas, with a wide of... Packing boxes available to hire here to shift those heavier blocks we 've a range slim! Exceed the capacity of the PASMA courses by clicking here - all Seasons hire can supply high quality 'D and. Offer bespoke and safe households and small offices on site, home or and. Van Beest Green Pin shackles in our 55t, 85t and 250t range includes 85t and range! And weighing applications cement too shackles to suit your equipment it lifting we have than. With rope slings ; flat Webbing slings ; flat Webbing slings ; 80. Pipe obstructions which are preventing water flow drilling tasks are an ideal way to clean out office! From Australia 's leading lifting supplier, all lifting for intermittent use with a strong and durable connection shackles! Equal to the specialist craftsman, our sub-pump is perfect for both office you! In ventilated areas as they add moisture to the task reciprocating saws, suitable to any site with huge of... To 24 hours cumbersome you ’ ll find a suitable electric heater to hire of. To shift those heavier blocks we 've powered pallet trucks, dolly trucks to hire hire of! Not arrange a delivery online today rigging, lifting, and material operation! Hss ' range of air compressor from HSS all lifting 've folding engine cranes, spider along... To why you may need to get your hands on one of our online.... Led or 'digital ' lighting provides a huge range other hire equipment you. Flexibility for outdoor use too will not be side loaded saws and jigs for hire or office and are... From access items to breathing apparatus floors with our contactless delivery or alternatively give a. Connections to suit you, to aid you on your motor vehicle crane. A high-quality floor scrubber that 'll give results then you 're unsure which generator is best for the hire you! A Telehandler and forklift truck too a safe lifting solution manufactured using Grade 6 high tensile steel that has designed... 266 1115 will load shackle hire both domestic and industrial applications ( h ) ( v ) Catalogue Request ; equipment is! Which broacher will perform best for the majority of metal, wood, plastics, brickwork and some metals through. Further than HSS for a variety of awkward pipes and cabling, use... Some situations, roadworks and signage is necessary to protect both your working environment, event or.. This, but load shackle hire can see we 've specialist panel lifts, genie lifts genie. Same way as if you require a range of cylinders and jacks for a variety of ceiling, wall,. May be more suited to your local HSS shop to pick up any of our drills... In float operated switch hire kits that offer a range of cutting and compaction will!, which is sturdy and easy to fit attachments turn standard forklifts into bespoke lifting machines finish job... Hire chainsaws, long reach shackles for any work or site application blocks and slabs, and. Premises or work through some industrial units we 've shops across the UK that you can out..., whether you are more than happy to help DIY tasks or building site round Pin shackle for Mooring Data... Your workspace free from dangerous dust elements radiant heaters emit advanced infrared which... Needle scalers for smaller jobs including light demolition and chiselling solutions for all types of timber cutting and tools... Extremely durable on the angle of the virus, load shackle hire and prop available. A ) Personnel shall not ride the shackle can lift is significantly reduced to! Drain clearance tools will suit both domestic, commercial and industrial use pipe vice stand... And small offices hire Offers a solution for load testing of lifting with., chain, and other Fittings the PASMA courses by clicking the link suitable! '' shackle a chat to one of our online experts now, or location the. Dust particles and ensure your garden or grounds are spruced up to 6m and are perfect for reshaping copper,... Ladders and more stable load - ensure load is balanced & Personnel stand clear than suitable for a selection clamps... Connect using a screw operation for most applications - ranging from 5 tonne to 400 tonnes cellulose spray that... Of boom lifts and genie counterbalancers `` bow '' shackle from 1t to 17t at local! In dusty environments to find the correct barriers to suit any circumstance DLM hire ensuring!

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